Monday, June 09, 2008

Invest In My Dream

After a solid weeks worth of idea crunching and logistics discussions I have finally launched the online investment opportunity website Invest In My Dream! A good friend and I have been troubled for years with many business and charity ideas but no way to have them heard. From this need we came up with a solution and was born. We wanted to provide ourselves, as well as anyone else with a great idea, a trusted and user-friendly place to share that idea and get the funding and networking support they need to see their idea come to life.

It is going to take a lot of work to make the site what we imagined it will be. The first showcase project is one envisioned by my partner Craig Allen and supported by myself. We are looking to start the first publicly "grass-roots" funded solar power plant. We are not willing to wait for big business or private equity firms to decide it is time to save the planet; we want everyone who has ever wanted to do something good for the environment, the opportunity to get involved and finally make it happen. The first plant will be built overseas in the European Union country of Bulgaria-- picked for its abundant sun, available land and dire need for clean, renewable energy.

If we can raise enough money to start this first plant many more will follow. Because land is extremely expensive in the United States a project here will be a few down the line. The benefits of installing solar are that it not only benefits the area in which it was installed but the entire globe from an environmental aspect and the environmental aspect is our biggest motivator. With gas prices reaching five dollars a gallon, every country paying major premiums to OPEC and the gaseous waste of this excess building up in our atmosphere it is high time a change is made. We intend to make that change, one donation and one project at a time.

Check out the revolution at Any donation and/or suggestion on how to improve the site is welcomed.

- Mitch G

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congratulations Obama!

I wont say too much here because most of it has already been said by countless supporters and skeptics. What must be said is that there is no two ways about it, Barack Obama will be the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

A huge congratulations is due to Barak Obama; he has managed to overcome the intense prejudice alive and well in our country as well as the political whipping of his sometimes fierce opponents. It has been a rough battle and one that was necessary in this age of dead politics. Even if he hasn't been a Washington bureaucrat for very long he has exhibited the passion and enthusiasm necessary to bring this country back to its former glory.

Change is possible with honest goals and the right amount of energy. The Presidency is not just about an individual, it is about a country united behind a common ideal... one that I fully believe Obama can uphold and support.

All I can say now is BRING ON NOVEMBER! (Not that I want to fight other parties as myself I am an independent voter but this should be a good one)!

- Mitch G