Friday, May 01, 2009

I am sick and tired of this "Swine Flu" Crap!

Once again, people all around the world, unlearned and irrational are causing and attempting to cause mass hysteria over an issue.

I just found out that someone is developing an iPhone application that will track the "Swine" or "H1N1" flu. Talk about a way to make people even more paranoid! Next to that article I read another one about a university that is making a group of students who recently returned from Mexico graduate separately from their classmates. I have a slick idea for the university, why not stop over-reacting, give them a simple flu test if you think there is a REAL cause for concern and then make your decision. Genius, I know.

There is one truly outrageous happening in our country right now due to this "flu" to top it all off... mindless morons who promoting the closing of our southern border with Mexico due to the "imminent pandemic"--they should be locked away in an insane asylum. If you stop, think rationally (I know it is hard to do), and realize that illegal immigrants coming into this country DID NOT BRING THE FLU you might reconsider your absolutely aimless, pointless and horrid protests. The flu, as it has traveled around a bit, came by US CITIZENS traveling freely by air! I guess maybe we should think about keeping them away too right? Oh, no, this is just a great opportunity to voice your "no illegal immigrant" banter to the media. I can't stand it and think it is completely irresponsible.

This is the flu. Like any other flu. Get treatment early and lay low and you'll probably be fine. The media and societies idiots are really getting the best of people right now. I wish they didn't get the best of me but I'm so angry that I can't get any REAL news right now that I felt compelled to rant.

- Mitch G