Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Farewell Kristy Lee Cook

Is anyone else as sad as I am here? I mean... Kristy Lee! Jason Castro really needs the boot and Carly Smithson needs to be axed as well. Kristy should have stayed longer than both of them. I'm devastated. Since it is a given one of the Davids will ultimately take this one home, I feel less of a reason to watch.

- Mitch G

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Awesome is Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck of CNN Headline News is my April monthly idol. His direct acknowledgment of our country's problems is admirable. I can't help but completely agree with what he says while at the same time realizing I am also a part of the problem.

In his latest blurb posted on CNN's homepage (again my favorite place for daily news) he talks about America's faults and why we are the cause of our own hurt. He gives suggestions on change based around the A.A. "12-step" program to make us, once again, the country the world envies. I couldn't agree more.

The article can be found here. I'm curious what the rest of America thinks.

- Mitch G