Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Microsoft .NET Framework Cleanup Tool

I was working on cleaning up my Windows computer the other day to install some updated Digital Media Rendering software and ran across an issue with the Microsoft .NET Framework versions on my machine. I did a lot of research, tried manually removing all previous versions of .NET and reinstalling only the latest but to no avail.

After even more frustrating time spent browsing the internet for solutions I came across a handy little cleanup tool by none other than Microsoft themselves. I've hosted the small .zip file of it here so that anyone who is having trouble with older .NET versions can fully remove all traces of the .NET operating files and start with a clean installation from Microsoft's web site or the Windows update service.

Hopefully this can be helpful for others! It took me a long time weeding through a lot of junk on the web to find exactly what I needed.

- Mitch G


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