Monday, January 18, 2010

Stanwood Web Developer Gives Seattle Free Cash!

My good friend and web developer, Loren Anderson, has outdone himself with the creation of, and I kid you not, a FREE web site that gives hints to find cash-stuffed envelopes around Seattle!

The site,, rewards its visitors with hints to the locations of "treasures" hidden around Seattle. Each day, a couple of hints are added to the site, bringing visitors closer and closer to the hidden treasures. The first person to zero-in on each treasure's location is rewarded with the contained prize... CASH!

During the month of January, this month, for all of those, who, like me, start to blend time, Loren hid eight envelopes under park benches throughout the city. Six of those $25 cash-filled envelopes have been found with two, more difficult hidden treasures remaining.

Next month he plans to hide a handful of $10 prizes throughout the city with the possibility of one containing a much larger sum.

Check out to take part in the hunt! It can't be anything but a good time and a great excuse to get out. Your lunch break could actually be profitable for once!

Monica Guzman of the Seattle PI wrote on her blog referencing the site here. The word on the street is KOMO 4 News may also do a TV spot featuring Seattle Treasure and Mr. Anderson. We'll just have to wait and see.

Congrats, Loren on the success. Your web site is one completely bad-ass idea.

- Mitch G

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