Monday, March 08, 2010

Come On Washington, Obama, DO SOMETHING!

Honestly, Obama, I wish you would get in front of a camera and tell me WTF is happening there on the other side of the country from me. I realize that the amount of things that DO get done in Washington during a single day are probably more than what I accomplish over an entire year but I'm sick of your lack of communication.

I realize the red and the blue, the elephant and the donkey, the right and the left are in a grid-lock over health care, war policy, foreign policy and many other issues but why is no one speaking frankly about it?

Obama, I voted for you, I still believe in you. Come out and tell me what the hell is going on! Tell me exactly WHO is making it SO difficult to get something substantial done in Washington. I don't want to hear the "Republicans" or the "Conservatives" are making it hard. WHICH EXACT PERSON in WHICH PARTY is making it so difficult? Ultimately, it always comes down to individual people, always.

If there was more communication about what EXACTLY was going on and who EXACTLY was involved then I (we) as the general American public might be able to do something to help the situation. If all we hear is that the entire "conservative" party is making things difficult it makes the issue nearly impossible to confront now doesn't it?

I understand politics, at least more than the average person, but I don't understand why the traditional "rules" of the game should continue to apply. Take risk, show us we voted you in for a reason and that you are not afraid to stand up, shout out and make something happen.

I've taken a risk and I'm willing to take more because I believe you know what you are talking about. Our government is not a family or a group of old friends, it is a business, as it should be. It is here to provide a service to the rest of us, something that we agree to pay for... period.

I believe you have what it takes to run a good business and businesses cost money to run and to fix. I want to see you speak to me, not to reporters or anyone else. Come on the TV, no prompters, no script and tell me how to help. I want to know which doors I need to kick down to make something happen--I'll help in any way I can if given a useful direction.

An example that popped into my mind just now is the CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse. His company was heading straight for the toilet. He started showing up on their commercials, making it very clear what they offer and what their intentions are and what the "other guys" are doing. No gimmicks, no fluff, just straight talk. Spring is clawing back. We can do the same.

Now be the CEO of our business, communicate, lead, and lets get this done!

- Mitch G


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