Tuesday, July 17, 2007


First of all I must say that I am extremely pleased with "Transformers" the movie. I went in with little expectations for the toy to film adaptation but came out pleasantly surprised and now very excited for the DVD release.

I must admit that with Steven Spielberg as the executive producer and Michael Bay as the director, while not my favorite director of all time, the quality of the movie should have come as no shock. When the nutshell is cracked open you find Spielberg produced another summer blockbuster (something he is famous for) and Michael Bay brought it all to life with his sometimes hit-or-miss action-suspense directing. Fortunately for both men, I would consider "Transformers" a definite hit.

The movie is in no way just a kids film. While adapted from the beloved children's toy created and sold by Hasbro, the movie provides fun and suspense for all theatergoers. The target audience is anyone in the 12-25 age bracket--one that can drive a car (or will shortly), knows of or has played with Transformer toys before and drools over Megan Fox or Shia LeBouf.

"Transformers" has a simple plot that is easy to understand yet can still entertain with plenty of twists and turns--enough to keep you in your seat and sometimes on the edge of it for the entire 2 hour 20 minute run time. The cinematography is great and engaging, albeit with nothing new to report. The characters that matter are well developed and strong creating a positive ending with a sense of accomplishment and closure.

Shia LeBeouf (Disturbia) is a great young actor. He exhibits in "Transformers" his ability to deliver timely and fitting comedic relief in a serious situation. He is believable, entertaining and has great screen presence. I can't imagine him doing anything other than more great movies, especially once he distances himself from cheesy Disney sitcoms.

Megan Fox is excellent in her first real break-out role. She has talent, a complementary personality and of course plenty of screen presence. It isn't hard for a young and attractive woman to land a leading role in Hollywood these days but Megan Fox displays true acting skill with plenty of potential--which will give her the real talent respect many of her peers do not deserve.

The supporting roles played by Josh Duhamel (Tad Hamilton), Tyreese Gibson (Four Brothers) and Jon Voight (Varsity Blues, National Treasure) all add to the excellent quality and feel of the movie. Duhamel is a good-looking soldier with nothing but selfless protection on his mind and Gibson provides the support. Jon Voight, while not in a large role here, is a great actor and adds the much needed: "what the hell is going on" feeling to the movie.

"Transformers" is a great summer movie and entertains the entire way through. I give it 4.5 "Mitch Heads" for providing plenty of good looking fun, action and cool cars but just 20 minutes too long. (I can't wait for that 2008 Camaro).

- Mitch G