Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congratulations Obama!

I wont say too much here because most of it has already been said by countless supporters and skeptics. What must be said is that there is no two ways about it, Barack Obama will be the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

A huge congratulations is due to Barak Obama; he has managed to overcome the intense prejudice alive and well in our country as well as the political whipping of his sometimes fierce opponents. It has been a rough battle and one that was necessary in this age of dead politics. Even if he hasn't been a Washington bureaucrat for very long he has exhibited the passion and enthusiasm necessary to bring this country back to its former glory.

Change is possible with honest goals and the right amount of energy. The Presidency is not just about an individual, it is about a country united behind a common ideal... one that I fully believe Obama can uphold and support.

All I can say now is BRING ON NOVEMBER! (Not that I want to fight other parties as myself I am an independent voter but this should be a good one)!

- Mitch G


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